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16 thoughts on “Shining Moon

  1. i’m super sad to see this series end, but I also want to wish you the best with all your future projects. Thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into this site. It’s been an enormous boost for my own guitar enjoyment and i’m sure it’s helped countless people dig deeper into best genre of all. I think you deserve to reap some profit from this site, but maybe that’s not possible with copyrights and all.

    • Thanks Joe! I just do it for the love of the music and I can absolutely guarantee that I’ve got a lot more out of this than anyone else! Over the last year my playing has gone a few steps higher than I ever thought it would and I have a whole bunch of tabs of great songs that I can go back to and really nail.

      I’m planning on adding some more stuff but not so regularly, so check back every few weeks.

  2. I fully agree with Joe! Interestingly enough, you began and ended the series with my two favorite bluesmen (and the ones I try most to copy in my own playing): Rev. Gary Davis and Lightnin’ Hopkins. I know one version of Shinin’ Moon, but this one is better so I’m hoping I can approximate it. Thanks for a great series and hopes for a Second Time Around.

    • Glad you get something out of it! I’m still going to be doing things, but not quite so regularly – I have to go back and really nail some of the songs! I’m not sure if it will be another “52 weeks” format or whether I’ll focus on one artist or a tuning for a few weeks. I’ve recently picked up the good Reverend’s “At Home and at Church” CD set and there are some absolute masterpieces on there. That’s what I love about him – he was likely one of only a handful of guys who knew the real old time stuff and knew it at the very highest level. He certainly was the only one to record so many – I hate to think about how many other classic pieces of music we’ve lost for ever. Tracks like “Little boy who made your britches”, “Going to Chattanooga” and “Sally, Where’d you get your Liquor from” I’m determined to learn sooner rather than later. I’ve never heard anyone play with the lyricism he gets in every single song, he’s an absolute genius.

      I’ve also never really played slide, so I’m hoping to do a few slide tracks, and you can’t have a legitimate blues guitar site unless you’ve had a crack at John Lee Hooker, Muddy and the Wolf. And Lightnin’ only has about another 50 tracks I want to learn. Another few days a week would be nice!

  3. I gotta say, thank you so much for creating this site! Beautiful, beautiful tabs that have helped me out incredibly in my guitar playing journey. Could you do Make Me A Pallet On the Floor by Sam Chatmon perhaps when you get some time? It’s this one:
    I’m really terrible at playing by ear and it’s one of my favourite songs… and again, thanks so much for the website!!!

    • No worries, glad you are getting something out of it! I’m working on a bit of a new design – it’ll be a while before I get it up and running but I’ll have a crack at Sam’s Make me a Pallet. I’ll shoot you an email when its up. Thanks for taking an interest in the site.

  4. Have to say I love your site. There are a million “blues” sites but yours has the best selection of acoustic blues classics, and most are accessible to advanced beginner/intermediate type players if they want to work at them. thanks! Jerry

    • Thanks Jerry! It’s a labour of love that doesn’t get updated as much as it should, but if you have any requests just make a comment and I’ll get around to it sooner or later!

  5. hi can you tab out gary davis “I’ll fly away”. I know you’ve tabbed out a drop d version by mr floyd. Any chance of doing the reverends version?

  6. Thanks for all the work you put into this! I’d LOVE to see your record collection, I bet you have 78s that have been out of circulation for years, sadly, the days of driving 300 miles to go to a record swap, digging through piles and piles of records from some old guy who LOVES them and will talk about them all day long are coming to an end, thanks to the internet and the ease by which you can find whatever it is you want. HOWEVER, you can’t buy TALENT online! The only way to get that is with dedication and persistence. I know what this project must have taken in terms of time and learning, my hat’s off to you and your dedication sir, many thanks from Hollywood, California, where I keep the Blues alive playing for free on Hollywood Boulevard!

  7. Hi,

    Congratulations for you great, great website. I thought it was closed, but today I see that it seems to still active. You songs selection is incredible. Sure hope I would be good enough to play a few of your suggestions. Again : MANY THANKS.

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